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Memo Report

Posted on: Januari 14, 2013

Memo Report

A memorandum (memo) is an informal report used to convey information about a subject. Engineers and technologists must often write memos to their supervisors. Therefore it is important to learn good habits in preparing this type of document.

All writing requires the author to consider the audience. Memos for all SSEL work are to be written to the physists for whom you work. The memo should tell what was done and describe the important findings.

Most important, tell and show how dependable your findings are.

Memo reports are to be no longer than three single sided pages typed or four pages hand written.

Memo to: SSEL workers
From: The Boss
Date: January, 2013
Reference: Memo Report Format

Summary: This memo describes a new report format, called the Informative Memo Report, that can be used as an alternative to the memo format shown in the EE/CpE Department’s Communications! document. The new style includes Summary,

Introduction, Main Body, and Concluding sections.

The memo report format shown in Communications! shows how to report on a lab experiment. An alternative might be called an Informative Memo Report. This type of memo should allow you to succinctly discuss any required topic. The ideal memo will be at most two pages; if you are really good, you will make points with the boss by covering the material in onepage.

Typical Memo Organization:

The Informative Memo Report organization can be like this memo. The Summary should be written so that your busy boss can get the meat of your memo without having to read the entire thing. The Introduction should bring the boss up to speed about what you are going to write about in the rest of the memo. The Body of the memo should be given an appropriate title (like “Typical Memo Organization”), and the main goals of the body are the following:

Cover all points required by the boss.
Allow the boss easily to get the information you want to convey.

In the body you should do the following:
Stick to the point
Don’t be wordy.

Use text formatting, such as bolding, italics, bullets of different styles, and alternate font styles to enhance your presentation and let the boss quickly see your main points.
Include circuit diagrams, figures, and graphs if needed.

Concluding Section:
If you wish to expand on the Summary given at the top of the memo, a concluding section might be given. You could entitle it Conclusion, Recommendations for Further Work, Summary

Comments, or any other title that tells what the boss is going to see when reading the conclusion.

Remember, the goal of any written or oral presentation is to communicate.


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