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Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2

Posted on: Maret 12, 2013

10 kalimat menggunakan Adjective :

1. He’s afraid to start.

2. I wonder why he became angry about everything.

3. The woman is anxious with her son health condition.

4. The students are aware of Indonesia’s economic condition.

5. A mother is able to cook and take care her baby at the same time.

6. It’s untrue that I’m ashamed of you.

7. The doomsday is certain to happen oneday.

8. Your success is dependent upon your effort.

9. Some people are difficult to step out of the comfort zone.

10. She is easy to forget her problems.


10 kalimat menggunakan Verb + Complement and modifier :

1. She took the toefl test last week.

2. He forgot his schedule today.

3. I have very bad health condition.

4. We are having good experience today.

5. they were my ex student in high school.

6. I was having a bad dream last night.

7. Please help me do this homework.

8. Rocky will be very happy if you can help him.

9. Please let the mechanic check the engine.

10. I will not let you stay at home alone.


5 kalimat menggunakan countable.

1. Many children believe in fairy tale.

2. Some people think that the aggression of WTC was a conspiration.

3. Is there any question?

4. I only have a few dollars

5. I don’t ready any chapters


5 kalimat menggunakan uncountable.

1. I go to the zoo some time.

2. I would like some coffe.

3. I don’t want to hear any explanation.

4. I only have a little time.

5. How much papper do you need?


Finish ❤


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